Monday, 15 April 2013

And so to spring

Last year, on Easter Monday, it started to rain, and it pretty much didn't stop for the rest of the year.

This year, it appears* that spring has started. This means that the trap has been out every night since then.

*I'm not the meteorological expert.

Over 8 nights when I've actually caught something, the totals are as follows with the max. catch per night in brackets.

2 x Tortricodes Alternella (1)
2 x Emmeline mondactyla (the common Plume Moth) (2)
4 x Yellow Horned (2)
2 x Brindled Pug (2)
6 x Oak Beauty (2)
10 x Small Quaker (4)
9 x Common Quaker (3)
2 x Clouded Drab (2)
12 x Hebrew Character (5)
2 x Early Grey (1)
1 x Chestnut (1)
1 x Dotted Chestnut (1)

 Dotted Chestnut
 Clouded Drab
 Oak Beauty
Yellow Horned

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