Wednesday, 24 July 2013

More new garden moths

Although the weather seems to be reverting to type (i.e. cold, wet etc - normal British Summer) and the moth numbers are down, I am still getting new species in the garden trap; it's always nice to see "old favourites" from last year.

I've also spent several hours (well, probably a couple) trying to get micros to settle sufficiently for photographs and examination with a hand-lens. Some of them, I have identified, but some will forever remain a mystery.

The highlights of this exercise, plus the last couple of night's trapping were:

Agriphila tristella
Thrachycera advenella
Athrips mouffetella
Cork Moth (NFG)
Timothy Tortrix (NFG)
August Thorn
Vapourer (NFG)
Copper Underwing agg. (flew off before I could have a decent look...)
Agriphila inquinatella
Carcena quercana
Scalloped Hook-tip
Orthopygia glaucinalis
Juniper Webber



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