Saturday, 5 April 2014

All Gone A Bit Quiet

With the weather reverting to more normal conditions for the time of year, the moths in my garden have reduced in their numbers this week, although I have had a handful of new species for the year in the shape of Streamer, Double-striped Pug, Early Grey and Acleris cristana (the latter I found upside-down in a box of water, but luckily it was still alive and able to eventually fly away. It was a new specied for my all-time garden list, though!)

Early Grey


Our little woodland trap has given up the ghost, or rather the battery charger has, although we have manged to run a 15W UV light - which needs to run off the mains, so is in a slightly less favourable location on the edge of the woods.
Nevertheless, we managed to add a few new species to the year list with Clouded Drab, Water Carpet and Early Tooth-striped plus an early Scorched Carpet on the security lights.

Scorched Carpet

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