Saturday, 7 May 2016

Garden's picking up!

After 4 weeks of nothing in my garden trap, last night after a couple of warm days and nights, my GMS catch yielded a couple new-for-year and a few new-for-garden-year:

Most of the moths weren't actually in the trap, rather on the perspex and the wood, but they still count. Plus the few that I saw on my late-night check, but that had disappeared by the morning.

Clay Triple-lines (NFY)

Alucita hexadactyla (NFGY)
Waved Umber (NFGY)
Spruce Carpet
Shuttle-shaped Dart (NFY)
Esperia sulphurella

Brindled Pug
Hebrew Character
Early Grey
Least Black Arches (NFGY)
Emmelina monodactyla
Brindled Beauty (NFGY)
Double-striped Pug
Common Quaker (very tatty!!)

There's a very active Long-tailed Tit nest very close to my trap. No evidence that they're eating any moths, but I have seen potential future-moths disappearing inside!

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