Friday, 13 September 2013

Autumn is with us!

Autumn is with us, and this has meant a huge reduction in the numbers of moths I'm seeing. It is noticably colder at night, and the amount of rain seems to have dramatically increased as well, so the trap has (apart from large numbers of Large Yellow Underwing) been catching very few moths.

I did have one micro lifer, in the form of Ypsolopha sylvella which was nice, a new one for the all-time garden list with Blood-vein and a couple for the garden year list with Hypatima rhomboidella and Eudonia angustea.


The regular weekly woodland trap has been running as well, with new species for the site being Anacampsis populella, Agonopterix arenella, Light Brown Apple Moth and Snout, plus new for my overall year list Frosted Orange.

Frosted Orange

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