Monday, 30 September 2013

Better Autumnal moths

The MV light and reasonably mild nights have continued to pay dividends with some more nice autumn moths in my garden.

Continuing large numbers of Large Yellow Underwing (up to 29) and Lunar Underwing (up to 16) have made the overall numbers quite high (up to 103) , although the maximum number of species has been 19.

New for the year list in my garden have been:

Rush Veneer
Figure of Eight (I did have a caterpillar in the spring)
Large Ranunculus
Brown-spot Pinion (all-time garden first)
Beaded Chestnut

Brown-spot Pinion

Also trapping in my favourite woodland spot only produced three moths this week (it was the coldest night), but at least this list included

Sallow (new for year)
Pink-barred Sallow (only my 2nd ever)

Pink-barred Sallow

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