Saturday, 17 May 2014

This week in South Bucks

I've had traps out in my regular woodland site, my new site and in my garden, and have had a few moths new for my year list. The garden has in fact been disappointingly poor, don't know if my new bulb is not as good as the old one, or if there are simply fewer moths in the area.

My regular woodland added Muslin Moth to the year list, and new species caught last night on my new site include Scorched WingCommon Marbled Carpet, Sallow Kitten, Green Silver-lines,Knot Grass, Clouded Border, Pale Prominent, Ingrailed Clay, Treble Lines, Small Magpie, Crambus lathionellus and Epiblema cynosbatella.

 Ingrailed Clay
Muslin Moth

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