Saturday, 24 May 2014

Another Week Goes By...

My South Bucks garden has continued to be quiet over the week, although the typical poor weather (mainly wind) has discouraged me from putting the trap out. I did run it last night for the GMS, netting Common Marbled and Silver-ground Carpets.

I've had better luck out and about, firstly with the regular 6W woodland trap and random sightings adding a few species to my year list; Birch Mocha, Light Brocade and Clay Triple-lines being the pick of the bunch.

Birch Mocha

I also ran traps at the "new site", partly for my own benefit, but also as part of a public event, which I hope from some of the feedback has inspired some people to try a moth sheet in their own gardens.

The new-for-year species from there were Chinese Character, Green Silver-lines, Small Magpie, Clouded Border, Scorched Wing, Coxcomb Prominent and Ingrailed Clay.

Scorched Wing

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