Monday, 2 June 2014

Lots of Moths!

The last week or so has seen a dramatic increase in my moth sightings for the year, partly down to a large trapping session in my local woodland site, which added a couple of lifers to my list in the form of Mother Shipton and Alder Moth.

Even my normal 6W light in the same woods for GMS collected 14 species, including new for the site year list Pebble Hook-tip, Spruce Carpet, Green Carpet, Tawny-barred Angle, Lobster Moth and Buff Ermine.


Over the last few days, and especially last night, my garden moth catch has improved a lot, although I expect this will be a blip, given the return of the wet weather from tomorrow. 

Anyway, a first-for-garden female Ghost Moth was a nice addition to my GMS trap, and last night several new for year species included White-spotted Pug, Green Pug, Middle-barred Minor, Heart & Dart, Ingrailed Clay and Buff-tip.

Ghost Moth

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