Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Anther week of decent weather...

During the last week, I have managed to run my garden trap more frequently, spurred on by the muggy nights. My catches are still tiny compared to some, but a few species new for the year or new for the garden have appeared, most pleasingly a Red-necked Footman. Others included Small Magpie, Green Silver-lines, Treble Brown-spot, Grey Pug, Light Emerald, Large Yellow Underwing, Silver Y and a daytime Small Fan-foot.

Red-necked Footman

Also, a two-trap session on a private woodland/farmland site yielded just over 100 moths of just over 50 species, including male and female Ghost Moth (although not from the same part of the site; maybe they'll now meet!), Garden Pebble, Sandy Carpet, Small Elephant Hawk-moth, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Green Arches, Light Brocade, White Point, Dark Arches and Burnished Brass. Later on the same site, I was able to add Burnet Companion to my year list.

Burnished Brass
Small Elephant Hawk-moth

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