Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A Prominent Day!

I've been away again in Dorset, partly for drinking and partly for mothing. The latter activity took place on probably the best night of the year for moths down there, and the Portland Obs blog covers what happened pretty accurately.

However, I am only writing about South Bucks moths here, and I have been trapping in my garden with mixed results.

Last night, though, was pretty good and the title of this post covers the fact that amongst the 38 species in my trap were four beautifully fresh Prominent moths, namely Iron, Coxcomb, Pale and Pebble.

A couple of new species since the last post for my all-time garden list include Satin Beauty and Bright-line Brown-eye, but mostly it's been standard fare.

 Pebble Prominent
Pale Prominent

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