Thursday, 7 July 2016

A lot of moths, for a change!

After a week away in Wales (yes, mothing was included) and some very disappointing garden mothing, I left a couple of lights at my occasional place of work last night.

I was inundated with little brown jobs - I have a lot of things in pots now, so hopefully I will be able to add to my list and site records, but that is going to be in the future.

Meanwhile, my second-ever Leopard Moth was the highlight at the actinic light on a chalk meadow, with Scarce and Common Footman and Bird's Wing also new for the year list.

The MV light on a woodland edge added Swallow-tailed Moth, Dingy Footman, Smoky Wainscot, Eucosma cana, Notocelia uddmanniana, Clay and Pretty Chalk Carpet.

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