Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Moths at work

I left my traps at the site at which I occasionally work over the last couple of nights; one in a small copse surrounded by fields, and the other on a woodland/chalk grassland boundary.
Due to the weather this morning (=wet) quite a few things got away before I could get a decent look or even get a photo. I have recorded at least 116 species, plus a few in pots still to look at; new for my year list were Dingy Footman, Tree Lichen Beauty (below), Ypsolopha scabrella, Dun-bar, Ruby Tiger, Gold Triangle, Buff FootmanScalloped Oak, Mother of Pearl, Dingy Shell, Dark Spectacle, Batis lunaris, Cloaked Minor, Small Waved Umber, September Thorn, Grass Rivulet, Brown-line Bright-eye, Purple Thorn, Bordered Pug, Ear Moth, Brown Plume, Aethes cnicana and Clouded Brindle.

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