Thursday, 20 June 2013

100 species!!

Last night was a half-century of moths and also it produced my 100th garden species of the year.

I had sent off a bunch of micros to an expert for identification, and the results came back yesterday evening, adding 6 to my garden year list, and 7 to my life list (some came from other South Bucks sites).

I was so pleased to get my first garden hawk-moths of the year, in the shape of a brace of Small Elephant Hawk-moths. Since this species includes Rosebay Willowherb amongst it's food plants, I shall leave my fruit cage unweeded this year...

The trap was rather colourful in fact with the yellow of a Brimstone and the bright green of 3 Green Silver-lines. The rest were not so bright, but the new species were:

Small Elephant Hawk-moth
Udea olivalis
Peppered Moth
Heart & Club
White-spotted Pug

Small Elephant Hawk-moth

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