Friday, 14 June 2013

A few lifers!

Quite a bust week moth-wise, having taken part in a bioblitz filmed for the One Show (no I won't be on TV!), run the weekly trap at the local woodland burial park, and of course run my own garden trap.

For various reasons, the catches were not as high as hoped (still fuming...) but at least I had some lifers - mainly micros - and a handful of new species for the year list.

The highlights from the three sites were as follows:

NFY - new for year
NFG - new for garden all-time list

Broken-barred Carpet (NFY)
Grey Pug (NFY and NFG)
Dwarf Pug (NFY)
Coxcomb Prominent
Heart & Dart (NFY)
Lesser Swallow Prominent
Great Prominent
Pale Oak Beauty
Incurvaria oehlmanniella (Lifer)
Nettle-tap Moth (NFY)
Alabonia geoffrella (NFY)
Ptycholoma lecheana (Lifer)
Plum Tortrix (NFY)
Epinotia bilunana  (NFY)
Spotted Shoot Moth (Lifer)
Pammene germmana (Lifer)
Udea olivalis (NFY)
May Highflyer
Bordered White (Lifer)
Pyrausta aurata (Lifer)

 Coxcomb Prominent
 Bordered White
Epinotia bilunana

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