Saturday, 29 June 2013


A great night's two-site trapping session in a couple of local woodlands. In total, we caught over 200 moths of 65 species, using a 50W MV and 20W actinic - not too bad I thought especially given recent catches!

I won't list everything, just the highlights, which for me usually means species either new for the site, the year (NFY), or all-time (Lifer).

Agapeta hamana - NFY
Brown China-mark -NFY
Green Oak Tortrix - NFY
White-pinion Spotted
Light Emerald - NFY (over 40 individuals!)
Large Yellow Underwing - NFY
Small White Wave
Small Yellow Wave - Lifer
Nutmeg - NFY
Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix - NFY
Perinephela lancealis - NFY
Blotched Emerald - NFY
Treble Brown Spot - NFY
Mottled Beauty - NFY
Bird's Wing - Lifer
Beautiful Golden Y

Bird's Wing

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