Saturday, 24 August 2013

A few new species!

After a pretty quiet month in my garden, I had a catch of 91 moths of 44 species last night in spite of the wet weather! This was my best since the 1st Aug, and that includes 3 nights during the month when I used my MV light - just goes to show that actinic is not always a bad choice! Quite a few of these were new for my all-time garden list as well...

Caloptilia populetorum (NFG)
Apotomis betuletana
Small Waved Umber (NFG)
Wormwood Pug (NFG)
Common Wave
Six-striped Rustic (NFG)
Feathered Gothic (NFG)
Canary-shouldered Thorn (NFG)
Mouse Moth

I also had a trap in my favoured woodland site the night before, and although the trap itself didn't catch anything new (Square-spot Rustic was new for the site, but I've had plenty elsewhere), we did find this female Vapourer with a clutch of eggs:


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