Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Moths for kids!

I was asked to provide some moths and other insects for a summer holiday kids' event at a local outdoor venue this week, so taking the opportunity to trap on a new site, I ran my MV light on Monday night.

I had 184 moths of 34 species, although it was notable that 80 of these were Flame Shoulder. There were very few micros in the trap, and a handful of new species for my year list, namely

Square-spot Rustic
Feathered Gothic

Feathered Gothic

It is fair to say that some kids are more interested than others in moths!

I also ran a trap at my regular woodland site, but the weather was quite poor so nothing new, although there were decent numbers of Maple Prominent and Black Arches.

The garden has been somewhat more productive in terms of new moths, although the numbers are definitely decreasing overall (apart from the various Agriphila species which are appearing in some numbers!)

New for the year have been:

Caloptilia stigmatella
Aethes smeathmanniana
Acleris laterana
Epinotia nisella
Svensson's Copper Underwing
Vine's Rustic

Oh yes, and three of these:

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