Monday, 5 August 2013

Out and About...

I always do what I can to help others out with there moth trapping needs, so on Thursday and Friday nights I ran traps in a woodland and a town garden (plus of course my own garden trap).

Thursday night was a couple of traps in a regular woodland setting, with a highest for the site so far count of 165 moths of 63 species. No MV lights were involved, either!

Highlights included:

Catoptria pinella
Large Emerald
Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet (NFY)
Scallop Shell (NFY)
Dusky Thorn
Pine Hawk-moth
Maple Prominent
Antler Moth (lifer)

Antler Moth

Friday night I ran a trap in a garden in a medieval market town, to hopefully catch something for a public event. Although the count was quite low, I at least had on NFY in the shape of

Orange Swift

The garden trap was quite quiet as well, but a few highlights were

Meal Moth (NFY)
Garden Rose Tortrix
Peach Blossom (NFG)
Small Phoenix (NFG)
Bordered Pug (lifer)
Magpie Moth (NFY)
Campion (lifer)
Marbled Beauty

Bordered Pug

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